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Funding Your Exchange


Exchange, 10In the past we've had students incorporate a variety of activities to raise money for their participation in the program. For example, one student painted house numbers on the curb in front of neighborhood houses charging $20 per house. Another from a small town, put out change collection cans at local businesses with her picture and a brief description of the program. She raised enough money to cover her entire trip! Who would have believed it? Local civic groups such as the Rotary or Lions often will support a local student who wants to travel internationally.
The following links provide some additional tips and ideas for fundraising:


Exchange, 9Participants who demonstrate financial need may be eligible for scholarships. To be considered for additional need-based scholarships during the application review process, please contact the program administrators at

Those wishing to be considered for scholarships will need to provide documentation demonstrating need, such as verification of enrollment in the free/reduced-price lunch program or proof of family assistance (such as WIC, SNAP, Medicaid, etc). Letters of support from school counselors or social workers may also be considered as proof of financial need.

Scholarships awarded through JCMU are generally deducted from the student’s program fee invoice. Scholarship amounts will vary based on availability of funds, the number of applicants, etc.

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