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Emergency Assistance

Emergency Information

Emergency Phone Numbers in US:

(USA) JCMU Program Office: (517) 355-4654

(USA) MSU 24/7 Emergency Assistance Line: (517) 353-3784

(USA) HTH Worldwide Global Health and Safety 24/7 Emergency Assistance Line (call collect): + 1 (610) 254-8771

(Anywhere) HTH Worldwide Global Health and Safety 24/7 Emergency Assistance Line (toll free inside the U.S.): 1-800-257-4823

JCMU Emergency Response Plan

In order to react to emergency situations quickly and efficiently, JCMU has an emergency response plan in place. JCMU recommends both students and their family review and become familiar with this plan.

For emergency assistance, students may contact the JCMU program office during business hours or the 24 hour "Duty Phone" after hours. JCMU staff will provide appropriate assistance to the student(s). Once the situation has been stabilized, JCMU staff will notify the US-based Program Coordinator of the situation and subsequent updates. The Program Coordinator will notify HTH Worldwide regarding a medical emergency or relevent officials at Michigan State University and the State Department or local authorities regarding a safety emergency.

JCMU staff will encourage the student(s) to contact family members at home to inform them of the situation, however, we will not initiate contact with a student's family without obtaining express permission from the student. While JCMU staff recommends that students contact relatives regarding a situation, it is ultimately the student's decision to disclose information.

In certain situations the JCMU Program Coordinator, in consultation with the Hikone Staff, may choose to inform emergency contacts about a potential emergency abroad without the student’s express permission, when:

  1. The student is unable to speak for him or herself;
  2. The student has been missing for more than 24 hours;
  3. The student is perceived to be a danger to themselves and/or others; and/or
  4. When a significant health, safety or security incident affecting the entire program has occurred abroad, to provide information or updates.

For Emergencies Occuring in Your Home Country

In the case of an emergency in the home county, or if there is concern for the well-being of a student in Japan, please contact the JCMU program office in East Lansing during business hours or the MSU 24/7 Emergency Assistance Line afterhours. JCMU staff in East Lansing can provide assistance contacting the student in Japan or conducting a welfare check.

Additional information on how to deal with earthquakes can be found on the SIA website.