4091 0 2018 Environment & Sustainability in Japan program Explore the largest lake in Japan & discover the challenges facing Japan's environment on this 5-week summer program! 0 4092 0 2018 Teaching English in Japan program Observe English language classes in Japan & make your JET application stand above the rest by going on this 5-week summer program! 0 4093 0 2018 Health & Culture of Japan program Experience Japan's public health system first-hand and learn about its culture and society while adding an international dimension to your education on this 5- week summer program! 0 4094 0 2018 Summer Intensive Language program Immerse yourself in the language and culture of Japan! Earn ten credits of Japanese language and participate in cultural activities during this intensive 9-week program. 0 4095 0 2018 Mindful Leadership, Creativity, and Engaged Learning short program Explore Japanese mindfulness from a psychology perspective and even get a chance to stay in a Buddhist temple for a night on this 2-week summer short experiential-focused program! 0 4096 0 2018 Crossroads of Japan short program Go to Japan and explore historic ninja villages, visit the "Golden Pavilion" temple in Kyoto, and more on this 2-week summer program! 0 4097 0 2018 Community, Culture, and Social Order short program Explore what cultural customs and values have allowed Japan to enjoy a low national crime rate on this experiential-focused 2-week summer short program! 0