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2018 Environment & Sustainability in Japan program
Explore the largest lake in Japan & discover the challenges facing Japan's environment on this 5-week summer program!
2018 Teaching English in Japan program
Observe English language classes in Japan & make your JET application stand above the rest by going on this 5-week summer program!
2018 Health & Culture of Japan program
Experience Japan's public health system first-hand and learn about its culture and society while adding an international dimension to your education on this 5- week summer program!
2018 Summer Intensive Language program
Immerse yourself in the language and culture of Japan! Earn ten credits of Japanese language and participate in cultural activities during this intensive 9-week program.
2018 Mindful Leadership, Creativity, and Engaged Learning short program
Explore Japanese mindfulness from a psychology perspective and even get a chance to stay in a Buddhist temple for a night on this 2-week summer short experiential-focused program!
2018 Crossroads of Japan short program
Go to Japan and explore historic ninja villages, visit the "Golden Pavilion" temple in Kyoto, and more on this 2-week summer program!
2018 Community, Culture, and Social Order short program
Explore what cultural customs and values have allowed Japan to enjoy a low national crime rate on this experiential-focused 2-week summer short program!